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Fibre reinforced concrete in Bath and Bristol

If you want a material that can increase the strength of your structure, call Bristol & Bath Concrete Ltd for fibre reinforced concrete.

Special concrete products for varying applications and purposes

Here at Bristol & Bath Concrete Ltd, our wealth of experience and knowledge of concrete, gained from our hands-on approach to concrete for over 28 years, has enabled us to cover and develop a number of special concretes, boasting unique and individual advantages for a variety of applications and purposes. You can also collect ready-mixed concrete, sand and cement screed from our depots.

Our selection of special concretes

Fibre concrete
Fibre concrete contains thousands of individual fibres which are evenly dispersed throughout the concrete during the process of mixing. Benefits of fibre concrete include long-term durability and toughness enhancement. Class-1 micro and class-2 macro polypropylene fibres are held in stock, steel fibres can also be provided.

Retarded concrete
Do you need the concrete retarded to give you longer to deal with it and finish it? Then we are able to do this using a special admixture.

Microsilica concrete
Extremely high strength (50 N/mm2 and above) and durable concrete for specialist use is available.

Foam concrete
Typically with a density of 1850 Kg/m3 for void filling or one-time trench reinstatement purposes in roads.

Watertight concrete
For walls and slabs exposed directly to earth or for the infilling of the newly developed polystyrene thermal walling systems, we can offer you different branded solutions from a variety of suppliers.

We also supply Air-entrained concrete for driveways and patios.
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Seamless guidance throughout

We will guide you seamlessly throughout the process from initial enquiry through specification, measurement and onto placing the order and taking delivery. If you are looking to keep costs to a minimum, you are welcome to come and collect your own concrete using a truck or other suitable vehicle. We can even arrange deliveries for Saturday mornings if required.
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